Class Structure

This chapter shows the structure of the implemented classes. At the beginning you will find a description of object orientation, for I used this method to design the featured classes. After an overview of all classes and the relationships between them, each class will be explained in greater detail.


The chapter is divided into the following sections:

What is Object Orientation?

» Classes

» Objects

» Methods

» Encapsulation

» Inheritance

» Abstraction


The classes and their relationships


Neural Net classes

» Class NeuralNet

» Class BackpropagationNet

» Class KohonenFeatureMap


Common components

» Class Neuron

» Class NeuronLayer

» Class WeightMatrix


Net type specific components

» Class Pattern

» Class MapNeuron

» Class NeuronMatrix

» Class InputValue

» Class InputMatrix

Neural Net Components in an Object Oriented Class Structure